2.54mm IC socket 8P W/O bar, DIP solder type, machine pin, RoHS Directive-compliant

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Key Features

  • 2.54mm IC socket 8P W/O bar
  • DIP solder type
  • Machine pin
  • RoHS Directive-compliant
  • Features:
    • The open frame is most common type
    • The open body design gives better access (for cleaning and inspections) to air-cooling
    • Side and end stackable
    • High retention design prevents IC walkout during heavy vibration
    • Closed bottom sleeve for 100% anti-wicking of silder
    • Twist free construction
  • Specifications:
    • Current rating: 3A Max.
    • Contact resistance: 4mΩ Max.
    • Insulation resistance: 10000MΩ Min. at 500VAC
    • Rated voltage: 100VRMS/150VDC
    • Operating temperature:
      • Gold plated: -55°C to +125°C
      • Tin plated: -40°C to +105°C
    • Insertion force with steel pin: 250g Max.
    • Withdrawal force with steel pin: 50g Min.
    • Mechanical life: 200 Min.
  • Environmental data:
    • Solderability: 235°C, 2s
    • Resistance to soldering heat - through hole mount components: 260°, 10s
  • Materials:
    • Pin (outer sleeve): Brass, machined, CuZn38Pb2
    • Clip (contact 4 finger): Beryllium copper, heat treated or Phbz
    • Plating (outer sleeve):
      • Tin plated: 2um/80u" nickel, 5um/200u" tin
      • Gold plated: 2um/80u" nickel, full gold
    • Plating clip (contact): 2/80" tin plating
    • Insulator body (black): Glass filled thermoplastic polyester UL94V-0
  • 6P, 8P, 14P, 16P, 18P, 20P, 28P, 32P, 40P are available.
  • Other IC sockets are available, please refer to the attached catalogues

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