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Since established in 1977, SHALLIN had specialized in the production and exportation of switches & various electronic components for early years. Until 1988, we transferred our factory to other suppliers, and began to devote ourselves to trade and offer a variety of services for a wide range of electronic components.

Our main products include the components of Audio, Video, Computer, Telecommunication, Equipment and Electrical Control parts. Our products are sourced from the suppliers who have RoHS compliant or multinational safety approvals. We are often engaged with research the supply and demand cost in the market and have more and more products manufactured by Taiwanese suppliers' China factory in order to offer competitive prices which mean better profits for our customers. Furthermore, we still continue in collecting more new items every year for the customers' reference.
Our exporting areas are 65% in Europe and 35% in America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, and the most customers have cooperated with us for more than 10~20 years, and give us the great supports.

To order a wide range of quality components from a single source, SHALLIN is your best choice. We are committed to provide the integrated and accurate service to meet customers' demands, and we can offer the orders of small quantities and various items (include different series, specification, quality, packing, delivery).

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